Dave Swensen’s New Video

By Rooms | July, 11, 2013 | 0 comments

Sept 14th 6:30PM-10PM

Dave Swensen - New Video

Midwestern artist Dave Swensen will present his most recent work at this special one night event! New Video will feature several new two channel experimental video works. These new works focus on the interpretation of space, real or imagined, and the untold events that take place within them.  Special guests Michael Krause and Alyssa Moxley will push the concepts within New Video and will each preform their own audio interpretations. The live guest performances start at 8 PM.

Dave Swensen - www.DaveSwensen.com
Alyssa Moxley - www.AlyssaMoxley.com
Michael Krause - https://soundcloud.com/user1092014