March 8th features work by Steve Juras

By Rooms | February, 28, 2013 | 0 comments

ROOMS Gallery has a new project by Christian Cruz, our studio manager. Christian is curating our 2nd Fridays by exhibiting outside artists with similar conceptual practices.

This month we are happy to present Ritual No. 4 TOLL OF EYES with work by Steve Juras!

The Wail of Silence is an exhibition featuring a three-hour performance installation by ROOMS and works by Steve Juras. Please join us on March 8th from 7 to 10PM during the Chicago Art District’s monthly 2nd Friday Gallery Night.

ROOMS presents Ritual No. 4 TOLL OF EYES, The fourth of their ritual series designed to create a rich live audiovisual experience. TOLL OF EYES continues ROOMS’ exploration of minimalist systems as ceremony. Eight veiled female performers and four large chimes create a holy ritual that employs an austere set of elements and rules to produce a wealth of variety for the eyes and ears.

Steve Juras presents three pieces from a larger body of work called Achroma, which is an exploration of process through self-imposed limitations. Each work in this series begins with simple formal restrictions. Ideally, it is with these elemental relationships that Achroma, as an exercise, puts perception to work by encouraging patient evaluation of what is there, what is not and what occurs in between.

Check out more of Juras’ work on his blog and follow him on twitter!