Ritual No. 1: Counting Birds (Helsinki)

Ritual No. 1: COUNTING BIRDS Performed on October 17-20, 2013

Dimanche Rouge Estonia-Finland-France Performance Festival

Ritual No. 1: COUNTING BIRDS features a group of participants simultaneously vocalizing a self referential mantra. For three hours they will count in ascending order —using each number’s value (in seconds) to determine the length of the vocal expression of the very same number i.e. “ONE” in one second, “TWO” in two seconds…”THIRTY” in 30 seconds, etc. It doesn’t take long to reach a point of vocal abstraction.

Concept and Direction: Todd Frugia & Marrakesh

Performers: Christian Cruz, Marrakesh, Sini Havukainen, Nooralotta Ikonen, Hannele Kirjavainen, Aino Ojanen, Maria Prokhorova

Artistic Support: Christian Cruz

Videography by Todd Frugia. Marrakesh, Christian Cruz

Editing by Jeremy Handrup