Ritual No. 5: Promenade (Vitrine)

Ritual No. 5: PROMENADE Performed on October 11, 2013


Two blindfolded performers walk around  two hand rails linked at the ends to form a thin rectangle.
The performers keep one hand on either rail to maintain balance as each walks round the perimeter of the rectangle at fifty beats a step (beats based on the ticks of a metronome).
If performers collide they hold still for fifty beats.
After a collision or when a performer reaches either end of the rectangle he or she can make one of four choices and continue to walk:
      Walk Clockwise Face Clockwise
      Walk Clockwise Face Counter Clockwise.
      Walk Counter Clockwise  Face Counter Clockwise
      Walk Counter Clockwise Face Clockwise.
Friday Performers: Veronica Bruce & Sabrina Baranda
 Saturday Performers: Jeremy Handrup & Juan Pablo Beltran Hilarion

CONCEPT AND DIRECTION: Todd Frugia & Marrakesh

Christian Cruz, Jeremy Handrup, Grace Kubilius

Jeremy Hanadrup

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