Ritual No. 7: Give and Take (Vitrine)

Ritual No. 7: GIVE AND TAKE  performed on December 13, 2013.
CONCEPT & DESIGN: Todd Frugia & Marrakesh


Water is randomly transferred between six bowls by the spoonful.

Water only moves between two bowls at a time – emptying one to fill another.

Bowls are labeled 1 – 6 and placed on a rectangular table.

Bowl No. 1 should be placed at left end of the table (from performer’s point of view) and more right in ascending order.

Water transfer depends on the roll of a single die.

If a roll results in the same number as the water filled bowl then the candle must be lit if not lit, or blown out if lit.

If the candle is lit the performer GIVES, sitting at the bowl being emptied while transferring to the bowl to be filled (determined by the roll of the die).

When the candle is not lit the performer TAKES, sitting at the bowl to be filled (determined by the roll of the die) while transferring from the bowl being empty.

The performance begins when water is poured into the first bowl from an outside source.

The performance can continue for any length of a  predetermined duration.

At the end of the predetermined duration the performer should lift the bowl filled with water to his or her mouth and drink it.

*ACCOMPANYING MUSIC:  This ritual does not require music.  If you wish to play music during the ritual it is best to play Erik Satie’s Gnossiennes No. 1-6 (loop the six etudes in random orders). It should sound distant, as if it’s being played in a large space or in a far off room.

PERFORMER: Marrakesh


ARTISTIC SUPPORT: Christian Cruz & Jeremy Handrup

VIDEOGRAPHY & EDIT: Jeremy Handrup

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